Minister Says Pakistan ‘Heaven For Minorities’; But Stats Odd Against The Country

Pakistans’ Federal Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah has said Pakistan is not less than a heaven for minorities. Addressing a ceremony held for minorities in Nankana Sahib, Ahmad termed the Indian government as Hitler government and said the role of minorities in making and progress of Pakistan cannot be forgotten.

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Condemning the oppression on unarmed Kashmiris by the hands of Indian forces, the Shah said minorities in India including, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and other facing discriminatory behaviour.

He said Pakistan belongs to Baba Guru Nanak whose teachings can lead us towards the peace and prosperity. He said a country cannot progress unless justice prevails. He said all of us must play our role honestly to make this country great.

Other speakers on the occasion also condemned the brutalities of Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir. It may be noted that India facing criticism over stripping occupied Kashmir’s special status, last week.

While the constitution provides for religious freedom, other laws, policies and practices in the majority of the Islamic Nations restrict religious freedom and Pakistan lead the table according to a report. Many experts have called Pakistan as one of the worst nations for minorities.