Lockdown In Kashmir Very Similar To Seize In Gaza – Malaysian NGO

The tiff between India and Malaysia over Kashmir continues. The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisation (MAPIM) has called the situation in Kashmir similar to Israel’s siege of Gaza after New Delhi imposed a communication blockade in the volatile region.

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The lockdown following the withdrawal of its special status of Jammu and Kashmir has led to high casualties and critically affected the lives of survival, claimed MAPIM President, Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid.

“The siege and lockdown must be ended. The Kashmiris must be given back their right to self-determination as passed in the United Nations Security Council Resolution,” he added.

The resolution in April 1948 established a UN Commission to help the governments of India and Pakistan restore peace and order to the region and prepare for a plebiscite to decide the fate of Kashmir.

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Post the withdrawal of Article 370 recently that eroded the special status of Kashmir, over eight million Kashmiris are under lockdown by almost one million Indian troops, claims MAPIM.

Azmi grieved Kashmir’s horrible situation where there is a total lock-down of all vital services besides reports of abduction, rape and denial to pray in the mosque have emerged.

“The world is witnessing not only a lockdown in Kashmir but a brutal crackdown even towards children under the name of terrorism’. “Schools are non-functioning. Children are traumatized to go to school due to the prevailing tension.

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“Missing persons and forced disappearance are prevalent. The numbers are growing by the day. Indian troops have targeted vulnerable groups to a level of barbarity of the highest order,” said Azmi.

Commenting on Gaza, said to be the biggest open prison of about two million people, the situation is also critical, he added. The main threat is from Israel’s intermittent airstrikes which resulted in deaths that is akin to the massacres and the blocking of all access whether through land, sea and air.

“Gazans are suffering from the destruction of public amenities: schools, hospitals, sanitation, electricity, water and housing. The result is disastrous. Unemployment is remarkably high,” emphasised Azmi.

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MAPIM, therefore, urges the world community to take quick action on Kashmir’s lockdown and at the same time stop the siege on Gaza by Israel.

“We regret the lackadaisical action on the part of international agencies thus resulting in worsening situation in both Kashmir and Gaza. “We call OIC to assert its pressure to protect the oppressed people.