Let Kashmiri People Themselves Wage Jihad To Free Kashmir – Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan warned the people of Pakistan not to cross the Line of Control (LoC) from Pakistan side to fight for the Kashmir movement. Khan affirmed that any such attempt would, in fact, affect the struggle of the people in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Any bid to “wage jihad in Kashmir” would be an act of extreme enmity towards the Kashmiris, he said, adding: “Anyone, who thinks that he will cross the border to join the Kashmiris [fighting for their right], is a big enemy of them and Pakistan.”

The Indian government, he claimed, were waiting for “any excuse” to crack down on the region. “They need an excuse … If someone from Pakistan goes to India to fight… It will provide them with an excuse for torture and barbarism,” he told a Peshawar-based journalist here.

“Don’t give India an excuse to cover its human right violations in Kashmir. This can make life more difficult for the Kashmiris, who are already suffering at the hands of 900,000 violent and oppressive Indian troops,” he said, adding the government would not allow anyone from Pakistan to cross the LoC.

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Khan emphasised that there would be no talks with Delhi until curfew was lifted in Jammu and Kashmir. He promised to forcefully present the case of the Kashmiris at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session in New York.

Imran Khan has been a vocal supporter of the Kashmir cause and has on numerous occasions blasted Indian actions in Jammu and Kashmir. Khan has even ignored the diplomatic protocol and vehemently targetted the Indian PM Narendra Modi, linking him with Hitler.