Intense Pressure on Various Nations to Recognize Jerusalem: Latest Israel News

What is Latest Israel News and Developments on Jerusalem? Israel continues to maintain intense diplomatic pressure on various countries to move their embassy from Tel Avis to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and embassies must be shifted to Jerusalem. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel Tzipi Hotovely, according to France-Presse.

The statement of the deputy head of the Israeli foreign ministry followed the decision of Guatemala to transfer its diplomatic mission to Jerusalem, which was earlier recognized by the United States as the capital of Israel.

“We are in contact with at least ten countries, some of them in Europe, to discuss the move noted Hotovely.

According to her, the statement of US President Donald Trump (on the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital) “will eventually motivate many nations to follow the step. The deputy minister did not specify which countries are being discussed. According to the Israel News Media, who refer to their diplomatic sources, claim the countries may include Honduras, the Philippines, Romania, and South Sudan.

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As EurAsian Times covered Latest Israel News and reported that the UN General Assembly at the emergency session on December 21, rejected Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with 128 votes in favor, with 35 abstentions and 9 with negative votes.

In the resolution, the UN member states confirmed the special status of Jerusalem and stressed that any measures aimed at changing it “have no legal force”. “The UN General Assembly reaffirms that any measures and actions aimed at changing the nature, status or demographic composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem are null and void.

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Nine nations voted against the resolution: the United States, Israel, Togo, Guatemala, Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, and Nauru. Thirty-five States, including Canada, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, and Hungary abstained, while 21 States missed the meeting. The resolution adopted by the Arab and Islamic Nations, except for Mali and Afghanistan, affirms that any decision or action leading to the change of the status of the city of Jerusalem is null and void and calls for intensifying international efforts to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

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