Kim Jong Un Is ‘Alive & Well’: South Confirms North Korean Media Reports On Kim

Where is Kim Jong Un? While the rest of the world speculates on North Korea’s Supreme Leader – Kim Jong Un’s ill health and assumed death, a top security adviser from South Korea has slammed the rumours and called him “alive and well”.

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Kim Jong-Un Recuperating?

Moon Chung-in, a Special Advisor for Foreign Affairs and National Security to South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in said in an interview with CNN that “Kim Jong Un is alive and well. He has been staying in the Wonsan area since April 13. No suspicious movements have so far been detected.”

The whereabouts of the Kim Jong Un the supreme leader of North Korean, as described by Moon Chung-in coincide with the reports Rodong Sinmun, the main newspaper in North Korea which stated yesterday that “Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has sent his appreciation to the workers who devoted themselves to building the Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone.”

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The governmental agencies of South Korea have repeatedly been asserting that “the government has enough information-gathering capabilities to say confidently that there is nothing unusual,” South Korean Unification Minister Kim Yeon-Cheol stated during a forum on Sunday.

There were earlier reports (without photos) that talk about Kim Jong Un expressing gratitude to workers and issuing other updated statements. Due to the airtight control on the information in the country, it is rather hard to verify the authenticity in the hermit kingdom.

However, independent online newspapers like Daily NK which focuses on issues relating to North Korea had claimed that Kim Jon Un was recovering after undergoing a “cardiovascular procedure” earlier this month.

It was solidly backed by the fact that the 36-year-old autocrat had required urgent treatment due to heavy smoking, obesity and fatigue. Since both Kim’s father and grandfather died of heart attacks, the possibility was taken very seriously.

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Donald Trump, the president of the United States, a country considered most efficient with global information said a few days ago, during his daily White House news conference on coronavirus that “I’ve had a very good relationship with him.

I wish him well because if he is in the kind of condition that the reports say, that the news is saying, that’s a very serious condition, as you know”. Trump, however, neither confirmed nor denied the news reports that say that the North Korean leader was ailing and that his health was in grave danger.

The question of Kim Jong Un’s ill health and supposed death arose since his conspicuous absence from April 15 celebrations, the birthday of North Korea’s founder and Kim’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

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The day is considered to be the North Korean equivalent of Christmas and is the most important day in the country’s political calendar. Further fueling speculation about his health, Kim missed another national holiday, North Korea’s Military Foundation Day and since then his unusual absence had been quoted as him being in ‘grave danger’, ‘vegetative state’ or even ‘dead’.

Kim was last seen April 11 in Pyongyang, when he presided over a Politburo meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party.