Kerala Floods: India Thankful But Won’t Accept Foreign Donation

While India was humbled to see foreign nations offering hefty donations to assist India in tackling the Kerala floods, India has politely turned down the generous offer. UAE, Qatar and the Maldives had pledged to help India in the rebuilding of Kerala by providing funds but India has decided to keep any foreign donations at bay. India is determined to use its own resources for rescue, relief and rebuilding works going on in the flood-hit Kerala.

Kerala has been hit by massive floods the likes of which had not been seen in decades. The entire nation is standing strong with Kerala and donations and aids are pouring in from all over the nation. The union government and the several state governments have released funds for relief, rescue and rehabilitation of the people stuck in Kerala floods.

India Thankful To Foreign Nations

Though India has politely turned down the magnanimous help offered by the likes of UAE, Qatar and the Maldives, India has expressed a great sense of gratitude for the offers made. The United Arab Emirates had offered INR 700 crores for relief projects in Kerala on Tuesday. The Prime Minister, as well as the Chief Minister of Kerala, expressed thankfulness to UAE on Twitter.

Qatar, on the other hand, offered a help worth INR 35 crores. Even the Maldives stepped in to offer help despite the simmering relations between New Delhi and Mail and offered help worth $ 50000.

More than 300 people have lost their lives in the horrific Kerala floods while lakhs of people have been displaced. The loss of property in Kerala has been pegged at more than 20000 crores. This is one of the most destructive floods seen in India over decades but the government and people of India are determined to help Kerala in these challenging times. Kerala is one of the best-governed states in India but these floods have incurred heavy losses in the state.

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