Kashmiri People Speeding-Up Efforts To Be Part Of Pakistan – PaK President Claims

Pakistan-administered President Sardar Masood Khan has claimed that the people of  Jammu and Kashmir who are under the Indian control have intensified their efforts for independence to become part of Pakistan.

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Talking to PTV, Khan said Kashmiris are breathing with Pakistan and they are rendering great sacrifices for their freedom movement. The PaK President said Pakistan is vigorously promoting the cause of Kashmiris diplomatically, politically and morally.

Khan said China, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia and other countries of the world are endorsing the stance of Pakistan on Kashmir issue. The PaK President also stated that Pakistani leadership is revealing the terrifying face of fascist Indian PM Narendra Modi before the global community.

He said Indian politician, members of civil society and its people are also condemning Modi’s hegemonic designs. Masood Khan said international community and media have broken the silence by criticizing the barbarism and atrocities of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.

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Earlier, Pakistani PM Imran Khan urged the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America to aggressively counter the strong Indian lobby in the United States and counter New Delhi’s false narrative on Kashmir.

Khan said that Islamabad not only wishes to have an institutional arrangement with APPNA but to have them lobby for the country. “India’s lobby in the US right now is far more powerful than Pakistan’s. India’s point of view always overshadows that of Pakistan and American policies for Pakistan are affected by that viewpoint,” he explained.