Karachi Trends In India After Indian Flag Reportedly Emerges In Protest Rally Against Imran Khan

Pakistan city of Karachi witnessed massive rallies and protests led by the opposition against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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An alliance of nine major opposition parties called the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has begun a nationwide agitation against the government. They have accused Khan of rigging elections and coming to power with the support of the Pakistani Army.

Image Trending On Twitter. 

On Wednesday, Twitter is abuzz with the photos of protests from Sunday, wherein the crowd of thousands, Indian flags were spotted being waved during the protest against the army. The picture has left everyone astonished.

Experts talking to the EurAsian Times said that this could be the flag of Pakistan Awami Tehreek commonly known as PAT whose flag resembles the Indian tri-colour and someone could have morphed the image. But was the PAT or Indian flag cannot be verified straight away.



Husband of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Mohammad Safdar Awan, was arrested after the protest rally, where Maryam Nawaz had given a speech at the rally. Nawaz Sharif had reportedly attended the rally via a video conference from London. Sharif was given bail last year for undergoing health treatment.

On Tuesday, the country was abuzz with rumours that Sindh police chief was kidnapped by army troops to force him to order the arrest of Sharif’s son-in-law. Following this, army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa has ordered an enquiry.

The National Herald reported on Tuesday that the country was at the verge of a civil war with the clashes between police and army in Sindh. It reported that 10 Karachi police officers had died in the heavy firing with the army, again a claim ET cannot verify.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is bracing for another round of nationwide protests. The 11-party opposition alliance is set to hold a third rally on the upcoming Sunday to demand Prime Minister Imran Khan’s resignation over the soaring food prices as the country is importing most wheat, tomatoes and sugar in a decade.

The government has already begun a crackdown on the opposition. Former prime ministers Shahid Khaqan and Nawaz Sharif along with Raja Farooq Haider, leader from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, has been charged with treason for their criticism of the military.

Nawaz Sharif has accused army chief Bajwa of conspiring against him and conspired to bring Imran Khan to power. Sharif, during his speech at the rally on Sunday, had named ISI chief General Faiz Hameed and accused him of destroying Pakistan’s democracy by fiddling with the election.

He accused General Asim Bajwa, corps commander in Baluchistan, of sabotaging and bringing down the elected government in Baluchistan.

People in Pakistan are up in arms against the government due to rising inflation and joblessness. The country’s consumer price index is rising at about 9 per cent and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has held back its latest restructuring tranch of $6 billion for Pakistan as it didn’t meet many of their conditions.