Joseph Biden & the Four Horsemen; Trump’s Refusal to Leave White House May Result in Civil War

The results of the US presidential elections 2020 have been declared, after around five days, as there were clear signs of Democrat Joseph Biden taking an unassailable lead over Republican incumbent president Donald Trump. The victory was nothing short of a ‘landslide’ as Trump had already put that if he loses he would not accept defeat.

Trump is now set to be sharpening his legal battery to contest the ‘rigging, fraud, and manipulation’ of the elections in the US Supreme Court.

The rise of Biden who defeated one-term Trump, something that has happened for the first time in more than a quarter of a century, is surely and certainly not personal good news for Indian PM Narendra Modi, who had shown very overt signs of siding with Trump.

There is surely a turning of tables for India, as the nation under Modi had been banking heavily on Trump, without caring for a ‘reaction’ which was to entail in case Trump was to lose. To India’s embitterment, little before results, Trump’s son posted a map of Kashmir, showing it as a separate entity from India.

After the eerie silence in South Block, New Delhi, as Trump had in all these years been quite ‘familiarised’ to prepare India for its war with China and Pakistan, and for it, both had signed BECA too, there are reluctant congratulatory official messages for Biden and his Indian origin vice-president Kamala Harris.

Trump has as yet refused to bow out, despite his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his wife Melania Trump, who is reported to have decided to divorce Trump once he walks out of the Oval Office, advising him to step down and accept the defeat gracefully. But Trump who has vowed to expose the ‘fraud’ of mail-in voting, as after all, more than 70 million voted for him physically at polling booths unmasked, while millions voted through email for Biden, is in fact, the crux where the whole scenario is now slated to be tied up.

Trump is vested with full powers until January 20, 2021, and who knows if he ends up giving a call to his voters to hit the streets, sack the CIA chief, fire the FBI head or make the Pentagon command go packing. He had already declared to ‘fix the spot’ for Dr. Antony Fauci, his chief advisor on COVID-19 after elections!

Trump, in fact, has, after all, fought these elections by totally antagonizing his establishment. He had accused the administration of bungling the number of Coronavirus deaths by generalizing all deaths in the pandemic category.

He charged the Pentagon with ‘conspiring’ to prolong the war in Afghanistan and he exposed the killing of Osama Bin Laden during the regime of Obama as being a ‘hoax’.

Besides, he had on multiple occasions laid bare the extent of corruption and ease of penetration in the US system. No wonder, despite the country being the sole superpower, the US has lost too much of its credibility.


But, how the coming days will unfold, before the ‘inauguration day’, which is when Biden is to take oath on January 21, 2021, is now strewn with many uncertainties. If Trump doesn’t relinquish power, he may be faced with a barrage of lawsuits, an avalanche of scandals and bad press, which, of course, the ‘deep state’ is to ensue, and if in the face of it, Trump gives a call to his voters, then, anarchy and an outright civil war cannot be ruled out.

The situation is all set to be more alarming, particularly when the president-elect Biden has endorsed the upcoming Coronavirus wave shutdown, which Trump had long trashed.

Amid all the mayhem though have come the new predictions from Simpson cartoon, which has a nasty record of foretelling the future, and euphemisms too. As after all, Simpson cartoon had predicted Trump to be president in the year 2000 and how the ‘vote’ placard fell, as shown years back in the cartoon, as it did fall in reality while Trump descended on an escalator is what the world has seen, the September 11 New York attack and even the latest Beirut blasts of August 4, 2020.

Simpson cartoon has now shown Biden at the helm, while the counting was still going on, and shows a January 21, 2021 date with the US in flames, then come the four horsemen, as a stark reminder from Biblical pages, with ‘war, famine, pestilence and free house of horror’ written on their flags, while the streets of US are shown with ‘fire broken all around’.

The US establishment is, therefore, into Biden, while it had once vouched for Trump, but Trump may be out of his personal charisma, outflanked his own ‘deep state’ and became its scapegoat, as does the world not remember that Biden had been the vice-president of Obama, who was shown as a humane face, but at the backstage, it was Biden who held the strings!

It was Biden’s ‘nod’ that had brought Arab Spring and the world saw Libya, Egypt, Tunis and Syria writhing with death and destruction, with millions left homeless. But, surprisingly, Trump did not perpetuate this Arab Spring and also did not bring up any fresh war. Hence, Simpson cartoon has now foretold the incoming wars! The new world order which is, therefore, now to be Biden’s bidding, and for that nevertheless, Trump had to be removed.

The protests have started in the US, which may escalate to the extent that it may destabilize the country, as had been feared by the Russian intelligence chief on October 8, 2020, in Tass. And the dangerous ramifications of that possibility are yet to unfold until Biden takes oath, and they may exist thereafter too.

Simpson cartoon has made another prophecy! It has predicted Ivanka Trump, the wife of Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Donald Trump, who is the ‘figure and spirit’ behind Israel opening its embassies in UAE and Bahrain, to be the US president in 2028.  No doubt Kushner is the second most powerful man in the US after Trump for he has the full backing of the Jewish state of Israel.

Let’s see what course the political discourse takes in the country and whether it leads to the ascension of Ivanka Trump. Or the cartoon might just turn out to be a mere euphemism.

The writer is a former State Information Commissioner, India. He is a media analyst and writes on international issues. VIEWS PERSONAL