Jewish-American Leader Slams India’s Action In Kashmir, Urges Donald Trump To Mediate

A prominent Jewish-American leader has criticized the Indian move of revocation Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir which has intensified tensions between nuclear-armed neighbours, India and Pakistan.

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Jack Rosen, who is the president of the American Jewish Congress, said this in an opinion piece published in the Washington Times. Rosen urged US President Donald Trump to get both the countries to the table to address the decades-old Kashmir dispute once and for all.

The Jewish-American leader wrote that the first step is for the United States to convince India to return to the status-quo-ante: the Line of Control prior to the recent crackdown to build confidence, calm simmering tensions, respect long-standing international agreements and create room for negotiations.

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Rosen said the most immediate benefit of talks will be to the 12 million people of Kashmir,” who continue to suffer under India’s military lockdown, now in its fifth week.

Pakistan has been aggressively urging the global community to press India over its move on Kashmir. PM Imran Khan has even attacked Indian PM Narendra Modi and called his ideology as Nazi-inspired.

Just Google Nazi Germany & RSS Ideology To Understand Indian Policy Of Ethic Cleansing – Imran Khan

“I fear the current ideology of the RSS would leave space for no one in India. If the RSS ideology is not stopped, they would go for people of all faiths,” the premier noted, also referring to how people in India were lynched for consuming beef.

The PM had added that the narrative was centred on a country of one billion people, with nuclear weapons and extreme ideology and philosophy. “Kashmir is a disputed territory and its future is to be decided by a plebiscite of its people,” PM Imran had said.

Jack Rosen

Pakistan has found themselves a most unusual defender of their cause – Jack Rosen, president of the Jewish American Congress (JAC). JAC is a semi-important group in the umbrella of US Jewish organisations and Rosen pretty much runs it as a family enterprise.

A real estate developer, Rosen is connected on both the US and Israeli sides. Rosen recently called the Trump administration’s policy toward Pakistan “patently absurd”.  Arguing Pakistan’s case as a victim of terrorism, Rosen calls it both “sad and counterproductive for the US to cut off more than a billion dollars in aid”.

He devotedly produces Pakistan’s litany of grievances against the US: how it’s been abandoned despite losing over 60,000 people in the war against terrorism, incurring $120 billion in economic costs, how it helped dismantle al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) networks, and on and on.

Rosen appears to be using whatever clout remains of his organisation to lobby the Trump administration on Pakistan’s behalf. However, in case Rosen didn’t know, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has frequently criticised what he calls the “Jewish lobby” for all of Pakistan’s difficulties.