Brutal Gangrape and Killing Unmasks Hindu Extremism in Jammu and Kashmir

Was Asifa, an 8-year-old girl, a victim of “Hindu Extremism” in Jammu and Kashmir? Does the gangrape and murder of Asifa unmasks the ugly face of Hindu extremism? Four policemen and a retired government employee have been charged with the brutal incident, but no arrests made so far. What is bemusing is the massive support that the culprits are receiving in the Jammu region which has shaken the country. 

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Viral Message in Support of the Kathua Accused

As the incident shook the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir, it was revealed that the retired officer had carried out the orders to kidnap the young Muslim girl to breed fear and terror in the Muslim nomadic community that she belonged to. Asifa was sedated, captured in a temple and gangraped by around 3 men over 4 days. She was then strangled to death with her body disposed of in the nearby forest.

Jammu and Kashmir Gripped by Terrorism or Hindu Extremism, or Both?

The incident took place in the Kathua region of Jammu and Kashmir, in a district that mainly comprises of Hindus. This incident has brought forth the ugly face of Hindu extremism and a young child was the victim of it. As the court proceedings continued, it was found that one of the rapists was a policeman, while another policeman had taken large amounts of bribes to hide the crime. 8 People have been detained as suspects for the gangrape and killing of the juvenile Muslim girl.

Jammu and Kashmir has always been divided by religious disputes, between the Hindus and Muslims. It is believed that this religious divide has become even more strained since PM Modi came to power

A member of Asifa’s nomadic Muslim community stated that this was a well-planned incident, with the sole motive to instil terror and fear amongst the Muslims residing in the Kathua district. The disputes between the two communities have been rife for years but over the recent months, the complaints and disputes had increased manifolds.

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The defence lawyer of the accused has however stated that the investigations were inaccurate and demanded that the CBI probe into the matter. According to the Defence lawyer, Muslim policemen are involved in the case who are being biased. Following this case, social activists and public have raised their voices bringing up other cases of gangrapes and killings of young girls in India.