Will Israel Join Saudi Arabia, UAE To Officially Battle Iran?

Will Israel join US-backed, Saudi funded ‘Arab NATO’ alliance of Sunni Arab nations to counter Iran? While the US looks determined to establish this anti-Iran alliance, there are doubts over Israel’s participation in the Arab NATO. Isreal is a close ally of the US but certain explanations suggest that Israel may not want to openly side with the Sunni Arab nations in this particular battle against Tehran.

But on August 1, the Isreali Prime Minister did hint at the fact that Isreal might join this alliance if Iran plans to block the Bab-al-Mandab Strait which is known as the southern entrance to the Red Sea. Iran had earlier warned that if it’s oil exports are banned, it will let no oil shipments pass through the Gulf region.

Sunni Arab Nations vs Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu stated that if Tehran moves to block the Bab-al-Mandab Strait then it will have to face a massive international coalition including Isreal as well Israel’s full military might. The possibilities of Isreal aligning with the US and Saudi Arabia seem real given the fact that all the three nations share a common objective to confront and isolate Iran by all means. The US has made it very clear that its policies will side with the Sunni nations being led by Saudi Arabia.

Donald Trump also made clear that the policies of the US will stand opposed to the Shia nations the block of which is led by Iran. Isreal has been in a political tussle with Iran for long and this might be seen as an opportunity by Israel to settle odds with Iran through a strong coalition of Sunni Arab Nations with whom Isreal has had a confrontational past.

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