Barak-8 Missile Defence System For The Indian Navy; Israel Bags Massive Defence Deal

Indian Navy is set to acquire Barak-8 Missile Defence System from Israel. Bharat Electronics Limited signed the deal with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to supply a maritime version of the Barak-8 Missile Defence System.

Avigdor Liberman, Defense Minister of Israel welcomed the announcement on Wednesday. The deal which will substantially boost the capability of the Indian Navy is estimated to be worth approximately $777 million.

Israel is an influential defence supplier to India, selling an average of $1 billion of military equipment each year. In the Barak-8 Deal, Bharat Electronics Limited will serve as the main contractor for the project.

“India is a major market for IAI and we plan to reinforce our positioning in India, also in view of increasing competition”, said, IAI Chief Executive Officer Nimrod Shefer told Reuters.

Barack-8 Missiles

The Barak-8 Missile Defence System was developed by IAI in collaboration with Israel’s Defense Ministry, India’s Defense Research and Development Organization, the navies of countries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, IAI’s Elta Group, and local industries in India.

India, which has longstanding frictions with neighbours China and Pakistan, has signed several big-ticket defence pacts since PM Narendra Modi came to power in 2014.

Delhi has been shifting away from relying on traditional ally Russia for military hardware and in recent years, India has expanded its ties to Israel, diplomatically and militarily.

In 2017, the two countries signed a military deal worth nearly $2 billion, which includes the supply over several years of medium-range surface-to-air missiles, launchers and communications technology.

Earlier Reports on Barack-8 Missiles

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, the Israeli navy has rewarded a contract to deliver Barack-8 missiles and air defence missile systems for its Sa’ar corvettes to Isreali Aerospace Industries (IAI). Barack-8 missiles systems, which have been co-developed by the Indian DRDO will be used by the Israeli Navy to secure strategic facilities and exclusive economic zones across the country.

The land and sea modules of the Barak-8 missiles systems will provide a comprehensive defence mechanism to Isreal enabling it to respond to all threats posed to the nation’s security. The Barack-8 missiles will also be developed to work with other systems of Isreal’s military might. The missiles are part of an exclusive club which is responsible for hosting Isreal’s most successful global military innovations and development.

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