Israel The Best, India Surprisingly ‘Very Good’ For Handling Covid-19 Pandemic: Research

Israel has been ranked as the safest place in the world at a time when the entire world has been hit by the deadly pandemic while India is surprisingly ‘very good’ in handling the outbreak, according to the latest research reported by Nikkei Asian Review.

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Earning 632.32 points out of 700, the research says Israel has benefitted from its small territory, highly-advanced medical system, savvy use of technology and a powerful army. But the latest edition puts Germany in second place, followed by South Korea, Australia, and China.

Deep Knowledge Ventures is evaluating the crisis performance of 150 nations in an ongoing project. How countries respond today should determine their appeal as investment and business destinations tomorrow.

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“The nations that will be able to provide long-lasting protection for their citizens, and stay stable, they will to some extent automatically attract financial activity,” Dmitry Kaminskiy, DKV’s founder told the Nikkei Asian Review.

The safety ranking is divided into various categories such as “quarantine efficiency,” including travel restraints; “government efficiency,” and “emergency treatment readiness.”

No country, arguably, has been tested as much as China, the epicenter of coronavirus which has had nearly 3,300 deaths out of around 82,000 infections. “China is as efficient as Israel in executing quarantine measures.

Indian State Of Gujarat Luring Japan, US Companies To Shift Production Base From China

Other places in the top 10 have won loads of appreciation for disaster management, such as Taiwan and Singapore. Kaminskiy emphasized that “when you’re comparing the leading countries, we need to go into very detailed specifics to understand what exact parameters affected their positions.” Only about 11 points separate first place and 10th.

At the other end of the spectrum, an Asia-specific ranking that DKV released the same day presents several South and Southeast Asian nations tormented by low safety. Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines bring up the rear, underscoring recent reports of critically exhausted health systems.

Asia’s middle ground comprises of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and, at least for the moment, India. Kaminskiy said India’s approximately 10,000 cases and 300 deaths are “quite good” numbers given the population. Even so, and despite a comprehensive lockdown, he finds it “a little bit of a mystery why the world’s second most populated nations is not yet affected” more severely given poor sanitation and stretched resources.