Israel Impressed How Turkish Army Crushed Hezbollah In Idlib, Syria

Israel closely followed the intense battle between Hezbollah’s Radwan unit and the Turkish Army in Syria’s Idlib province and discovered how Hezbollah’s elite unit was easily overwhelmed by the conventional Turkish forces, reports the JPost.

Turkey used tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery and ground troops in Idlib to thwart Syrian government forces to recapture Idlib. The Syrian forces were supported by Hezbollah fighters as well as Shi’ite militias supported by Iran.

The report says that while Hezbollah has lost thousands of fighters ever since they started fighting for the Assad regime, however, the Turkish military operation in Idlib caused unimaginable losses to Hezbollah.

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, Turkish armies decimated the Syrian forces in a series of drone, artillery and bomber raids leaving Syria’s key ally Iran and Russia bamboozled.

The casualties included innumerable operatives belonging to Hezbollah’s elite Radwan unit. Israel’s army was able to recognise various Radwan operatives eliminated during the combat with Turkey by patches worn by the militia.

Radwan fighters are presumed to lead any Hezbollah offensive against Israel, infiltrating into Israeli towns along the border to kill as many noncombatants and soldiers. Due to the menace of infiltrations by Hezbollah, various Israeli neighbourhoods along the border with Lebanon are required to be evacuated if a war erupts.

While Israel does not expect Hezbollah to risk direct war with Israel in the near future, the IDF is apprehensive that any major conflict with Iran or miscalculation by the US against Tehran could prompt Hezbollah to attack Israel.