Israel Bombs Damascus International Airport; Warns Iran of More Action: Netanyahu

Israel, in order to prevent Iran’s military consolidation in Syria, is ready to step up attacks on Iranian targets in the neighbouring country. This statement was made on Sunday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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“Israel dealt a severe blow to the Iranian weapons depot at Damascus International Airport, which reflects our determination to prevent Iran’s military consolidation in Syria. If necessary, we are ready to intensify such attacks,” said Netanyahu.

“At the same time, the Israeli army found the sixth tunnel dug into Israel by Hezbollah which was by far the by the biggest tunnel of all.

This is the successful completion of Operation Northern Shield conducted for the purpose of Israel’s security,” continued Netanyahu, who met with soldiers in the north of Israel, who participated in the operation on the border with Lebanon that started on December 4 to neutralize the underground tunnels dug by the militants.

Earlier, at a weekly meeting of the Israeli government, Netanyahu admitted that the Israeli Air Force had hit Iranian targets at Damascus International Airport “in the last 36 hours”. He also said that the Israel Defense Forces “attacked Iran and Hezbollah’s targets hundreds of times.

As reported by SANA, Israel on Saturday night struck a warehouse located in the Damascus airport. According to Al Hadath, Israeli planes attacked Iranian military depots in the area of the capital’s airport, which are also used by Hezbollah.

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