Israel Army Demands UNIFIL To Destroy Hezbollah Tunnels in Lebanon

Major General Yoel Strick of Israeli Army demanded from the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) to ensure the neutralization of the Hezbollah tunnel in Lebanese territory, which had been dug down in Israel. This was reported by the press service of the Israel Defense Forces.

“Strick met with the head of UNIFIL, Italian General Stefano Del Col, and showed him the area where the Hezbollah tunnel had been discovered earlier this week, dug into Israeli territory from the village of Kafr Kela [in Lebanon],”.

The head of the northern command provided the head of UNIFIL with visual data on the Shiite village of Ramie, highlighting a group of buildings that are being dug through another tunnel into Israeli territory, and demanded that UNIFIL should ensure that it is neutralized.

He added that “anyone approaching underground tunnels puts his life in danger.” “The Lebanese government is responsible for the well-being of the inhabitants of the areas adjacent to these tunnels,” said Strick.

The head of the northern command of the Israeli Army also conveyed a strong protest to UNIFIL against the violation of Israeli sovereignty in order to damage its civilian population.

“The Israeli army considers the government and the armed forces of Lebanon, as well as UNIFIL, responsible for all the events that originate from the territory of Lebanon, as well as for ensuring the implementation of resolution 1701,” the military added.

On December 4, the press service of the Israel Defense Forces announced the discovery of the first tunnel, according to the military, from Lebanon by the Hezbollah movement into the territory of the Jewish state. The same day, Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus reported that the army launched the Northern Shield operation to search and destroy Hezbollah tunnels leading to Israel.

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