Why is the Presence of ISIS in Afghanistan a Big Threat to Pakistan and Iran?

ISIS in Afghanistan – Why this News that has started to rattle both Iran and Pakistan. According to Iran, dreaded terrorist organization ISIS (Islamic State), also called Daesh has set up its base in Afghanistan and threatens to target both Iran and Pakistan just like Syria and Iraq. But who is backing ISIS to attack Pakistan and Iran?

Who Funds and Trains the Islamic State or ISIS?

According to Pakistan Media, Express Tribune, a senior Iranian official warned Pakistan delegates that Tehran has ‘confirmed intelligence that the US has relocated ISIS and its leader Abu Bakar Baghdadi to Afghanistan. The Iranian official warned that US and Israel are conspiring to turn Pakistan and Iran into another Syria.

International experts are evaluating the Iranian concern regarding the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan border and the backing it gets from the United States and Israel. The Pakistan Foreign Office has also regularly questioned the increase of the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan. According to reports, Russia and China are also concerned over alleged American support to the ISIS.

Why Is Shia Hazara Community of Pakistan & Afghanistan Being Targeted?


When the ISIS first surfaced in Afghanistan its ranks were mostly selected from the most ferocious of Pakistani Taliban from Bajaur tribal region. Initially, the Islamic State was mostly restrained to the Nangarhar province, but eventually, it gained tremendous foot-hold in the north and northeast of Afghanistan. Their militia inflated rapidly with Uzbek fighters from Central Asia’s many of whom were expelled from Pakistan’s South Waziristan region after an operation by Pakistan Army.

Islamic State in Afghanistan: Will Kabul be the Next IS Capital?

Analysts say the savagenesses by ISIS militia was unmatched and, as nonnatives to Afghanistan, the Uzbek fighters displayed no hesitation in the mass slaughter of local people. The strength of ISIS in Afghanistan is not known, but as per certain estimations, it could be close to 5,000 fighters.

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