ISIS Claims Responsibility For Quetta Church Attack

Is ISIS behind Quetta Church Attack? Daesh (ISIS), the Islamic terrorist group from Syria has claimed the suicide attack carried out by two heavily-armed ISIS terrorists on a church in the Quetta city of Pakistan. The tragedy occurred at the time of midday service taking lives of at least 9 people and severely wounding others including small children and women.

Daesh group said in an online statement through Amaq, it’s official news agency that ISIS members carried out the Bomb blast in the church. However, the group provided no evidence to support its claim.

Ahead of Christmas, Bomb Blast Rocks Pakistan’s Quetta Church

Is ISIS Behind Quetta Church Attack?

The attack on the Bethel Memorial Church located at the nearby Zarghoon road in Balochistan capital took place just over a week before Christmas. Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, the Home Minister of Balochistan said that at least two suicide bombers were involved in the attack on the church. “One attacker was killed at the gate by police after an intense gunfight while the other wearing suicide vest entered the church and detonated his explosives,” he said.

Ahead of Christmas, Bomb Blast Rocks Pakistan’s Quetta Church

Bugti said that the terrorists had weapons and it seems they wanted to take hostages inside the church. “The security forces foiled their plan,” he added. According to General Moazzam Ansari, Balochistan’s Inspector, more than 400 worshippers were inside during the Church attack.

Ansari praised the timely reaction of the security forces assigned at the church stating that they played a key role in preventing further bomb blasts and open firing by the pair of Daesh terrorists. “Security forces have cleared the church,” he added.

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As per reports from the hospital in Quetta city, eight people were dead while most of the injured are in critical condition. The church in Quetta was holding a ‘Sunday School Christmas Programme’ at the time of the attack, as notified by its Facebook official Page. The Bethel Memorial Church has been the target of a terrorist attack in the past also.

Quetta Church Attack: Is There a Third Militant? 

Meanwhile, there were conflicting reports about the number of attackers. Ansari said that three militants were involved in Quetta Church Attack. He said one was killed by police and the second was able to detonate explosives. He said there is strong possibility that a third militant was also involved in The Bethel Memorial Church Blast and fled the scene. The police and security forces are on the lookout for him.

An emergency was declared in all hospitals across after Quetta Church Attack. Ahsan Iqbal, the Interior Minister of Pakistan gave his condolences to families whose members died in bomb explosions.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal condemned the terror attack, saying Pakistan’s resolve against terrorism cannot be deterred by these cowardly acts of terrorists. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan also strongly condemned the Quetta Church Attack.

“The govt must ensure special protection for churches as Christmas approaches. My prayers go to the victims’ families and for the speedy recovery of the injured,” Khan tweeted.

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