Is the Indonesian Wife of MBA Graduate Abid Hussian Lone Lying to the Media?

Abid Hussain Lone was amongst the seven civilians killed in firing in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama on Saturday. Abid Lone was an MBA graduate from a University in Indonesia and was married to Indonesian women. But how did the Abid Hussain Lone suddenly reach the encounter site from the safety of his house in Pulwama’s Karimabad village?

According to the media reports, Abid Hussain Lone had gone to a nearby orchard to prune trees before a gunfight broke out between local militants and Indian security forces in the area. Following clashes between volatile crowds and Indian troops, he was shot-dead and died on the spot, said his uncle Ghulam Muhammad Lone.

Other media report of both local Kashmir media outlet and Indian national media state that “When he Abid Hussain Lone left home in the morning, he said he is going to buy milk for the baby. But he returned in a white shroud,”.

However, according to a recorded media interview, Abid Hussain Lone’s wife says that he had not gone to the orchard, he in-fact went to buy detergents for the baby and milk for tea. She had, according to reports give a different version of the story earlier, but in the recorded interview, she made a different statement.

A 3 months baby does not drink milk, the baby is usually fed breast-milk till the age of 6 or given formula milk – Experts

What is the reality? How did Abid Hussain Lone really die? What was he doing so close to the encounter site? Did Abid lie to his wife or the wife is under pressure to hide the real story? EurAsian Times welcomes counter-narratives. You can send your perspectives at

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