Is Russia Planning To Deploy Troops In Afghanistan Post US Withdrawal?

Is Russia repeating the blunder that the USSR committed and contemplating of deploying troops in Afghanistan post the withdrawal of US-led forces? EurAsian Times gets you a report from Russian news agency – Tass.

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According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Moscow has never contemplated deploying troops to Afghanistan.  Zakharova was remarking on a media article which claimed that Russian Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov reportedly speculated about the possible deployment of Russian forces to fight terrorism upon Afghan government’s request.

“I would like to state with full responsibility that this assertion is absolutely false and has never been expressed in any form by the Russian presidential envoy,” she said. “Russian position on this issue is well known: under no circumstances did Russia plan to send its troops to Afghanistan.”

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Zakharova explained that only issues of “possible expansion of cooperation with Afghanistan on combating terrorism and drug menace through the military-technical cooperation and training of military personnel, which is already happening.”

According to the Zakharova, the misleading statement was attributed to Kabulov by only one internet edition. No other media, whose representatives were also present at the Presidential Envoy’s briefing, have published such information.

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“All this could be viewed as a very poor interpretation of the Russian diplomat’s words. I hope we are not dealing with deliberate malformation or some fake news. I rather believe that we are dealing with wording problems in those who prepared this story for the website,” she said