Iraq Will Not Be Used A Base For Aggression Against Iran: Baghdad

The US is trying to pacify Iraq for a military base for its troops to stay back in Baghdad and ‘keep an eye on Iran’. However, the Iraqis have strongly condemned Washington saying loud and clear that their country will not accept being used for any acts of aggression against other states.

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US President Donald Trump has been very keen for a military base in Iraq as it will be crucial to surveillance of Iran’s activities.

“We spent a fortune building this incredible base, we might as well keep,” Trump had said during his December 2018 visit at the US air base in the remote desert.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi said there are no US military bases in Iraq but there are indeed trainers operating within the framework of the international coalition. He said they disagree with the Americans and rejects their standpoint.

“I will not allow Iraq to be used for any country against another. Iraq should not be a party between two states.” Iraqi President Barham Salih also maintained the US troops must stick to their anti-Daesh mission.

He said the Iraqi constitution rejects the use of Iraq as a base for hitting or attacking a neighbouring country. “Don’t overburden Iraq with your own issues. The US is a major power, but do not pursue your own policy priorities, we live here.”

During an unannounced trip to Baghdad on Tuesday, Acting US Defence Chief Patrick Shanahan said Washington recognizes Iraq’s sovereignty. Shanahan said the US troops were only in Iraq at the invitation of the government to fight against ISIS (Daesh).

“There is an activity in their legislature, the discussions have been should they restrict the number of US forces in Iraq and I wanted to make clear to the Prime Minister that we recognize our role, we understand that we are there by invitation.”

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