Iranian Military Training Afghan Taliban to Counter NATO Presence?

British Media alleged that Iranian Military has been training the Afghan Taliban on its soil. Iran was quick to respond and denied any such accusations. Iran which is on the verge of an economic crisis after US sanctions have vehemently turned down reports which claim that Afghan Taliban received advanced training in Iran. 

The Times on Monday had reported that officials of Taliban have admitted that hundreds of Taliban militants are being trained by Iran. The report claimed that hundreds of militants from Taliban are obtaining advanced training in military academies from the special forces of Iran, an allegation categorically rejected by Iran

Is this just a ‘Psychological War?’

The Iranian embassy in Kabul turned down any such allegations. It said that such fake and undocumented allegations solve no purpose. It stated that the only purpose of such allegations is to wage a psychological war. It also added that such a report only aims to ruin the relations between the governments of Iran and Afghanistan.

Is Iran Arming the Afghan Taliban?

Iran further said that rather than putting false accusations on Iran, the media should focus on other things. The media shall focus on why the long fought war against terrorism in Afghanistan by certain governments has failed. The statement from the Islamic Republic of Iran said that it has never intervened in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. It added that Iran stands for peace in Afghanistan so that the government is reinforced and people suffer less.

Is Iran actually the good neighbour to Afghanistan?

Iran further explained that terrorism and extremism are threats which are common to all the regional nations. It called for mutual efforts to be made in this direction through mutual cooperation against terrorism and extremism. Tehran, as stated by Iran, stands for peace and stability in Afghanistan.