Iran, Russia Will Completely Eliminate Terror in Iraq and Syria: Ali Larijani

The bond between Iran, Russia has become even thicker in the fight against terrorism. Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said that Iran would help Syria in the fight against terrorism to any extent necessary. In this regard, he said that Tehran would help Damascus in the fight against terrorism as far as it is needed because the war on terrorism in the Middle East has not yet ended.

Larijani explained in this regard: “The war on terror has not yet ended. We joined this struggle as both Iraq and Syria have requested us, and we will continue to provide assistance to them as and when needed.”

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Iran, Russia to Jointly Fight Terrorism

“When no one needs our help, we will stop the support,” said Ali Larijani, in response to the question of whether Iran is going to maintain its military presence in Syria after a victory over terrorists. According to him, “Iran & Russia are at the forefront of the war on terrorism, while others are only talking about it.”

“There have been various coalitions to combat terrorism, but it’s just on the sheet, and in fact, nothing happens,” he said. Some countries say they are fighting terrorism, but they do not really do it. “

Speaker of the House of Representatives continued: “Nevertheless, Iran and Russia have taken practical steps to fight terrorism, and everyone has witnessed it. These steps have been successful. Terrorists have suffered a very serious blow in Iraq and Syria. “

Ali Larijani continued: “Is the issue of terrorism and ISIL activities in the region over? No, We have to admit that there are still terrorist forces in Syria that have moved to other countries. “

The speaker of the Iranian parliament also said that Tehran believes that the development of intelligence cooperation with Moscow is important for combating drug trafficking. According to Ali Larijani, who participated in the organization of the Russian Duma at the International Counter-Narcotics Conference, Iran and Russia are effectively working to resolve regional issues.

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“Russia faces the issue of smuggling because large quantities of heroin are smuggled into your country,” Ali Larijani explained. That is why there is a need to strengthen the cooperation of information with other countries that are struggling with the same issue. We are ready to cooperate in this regard. “

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Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said: “I think the cooperation between Iran and Russia is very important in this regard.” Larijani said that it was unlikely that Western countries would do much to resolve this problem