INS Arihant Submarine Completes Indian Nuclear Triad; Pakistan Following Suit

INS Arihant (nuclear-powered submarine) has completed its first “deterrence patrol”, PM Narendra Modi said today. “I congratulate all those involved, especially the crew of INS Arihant for this success, which will always be remembered in our history,” Modi said.

Nuclear-Powered SubmarineINS Arihant comes under the direct control of the Nuclear Command Authority is directly headed by PM Modi. Having successfully completed the “deterrence patrol”, the INS Arihant can now be considered a fully functional underwater ballistic missile delivery platform.

“In an era such as this, a credible nuclear deterrence is the need of the hour. The success of INS Arihant gives a fitting response to those who indulge in nuclear blackmail,” he said.

India has achieved completion of her nuclear triad with the first successful deterrence patrol by INS Arihant. This places India in the league of the few countries that can design, construct and operate Strategic Strike Nuclear Submarines (SSBN) – Indian Defence Minister

INS Arihant completes India’s nuclear triad by combining maritime strike capability to land- and air-based delivery platforms. The US, Russia, France, China and the UK — are already full-fledged nuclear triad powers.

Pakistan last year tested its submarine-launched Babur missile, and in the process completed its nuclear triad, since it already possesses land-based ballistic missiles as well as tactical nuclear bombs that it can drop from its fighter aircraft.

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