Indus Water Treaty Meeting Between India, Pakistan Set for Lahore

Indus Water Treaty will be the top agenda for India-Pakistan bilateral talks to be held in Lahore on Wednesday. To smoothen India-Pakistan relations, this would be the first bilateral talk between the two nations since Imran Khan’s rise to the top post in Islamabad. Pakistan is likely to raise concerns various projects on the Chenab river.

P.K Saxena, India’s Indus Water Commissioner will be in Lahore for a two-day bilateral engagement over the Indus Water Treaty. As reported by The Dawn, he will meet his Pakistani counterpart, Syed Mehr Ali Shah on Wednesday. The last bilateral meet over the Indus Water Treaty was held between the two nations at New Delhi in the month of March.

During the March meeting, the two sides shared the details about the water flow and the quantity of water being used. The Indus Water Treaty was signed between the two nations in 1960 and was brokered by the World Bank. Under the treaty, the water of three western rivers including Indus, Jhelum and Chenab was designated to Pakistan.

During the Lahore talks, Pakistan is expected to once again raise objections over two water storage and hydroelectric projects being built by India. These concerns were also raised during the meeting in New Delhi.

Pakal Dul and Lower Kalnai projects on river Chenab are the two projects which make Pakistan concerned about its waters. Sources state that Pakistan will raise concerns over these two projects during the talks being held between August 29 and August 30.

India and Pakistan will also draw the future scheduling over the meetings of the Permanent Indus Commission which requires the two nations to meet twice a year. Sharing of hydrological data about the shared rivers will also be tabled as an agenda during the meeting.

How this engagement being the first between India and Pakistan since Imran Khan took over goes will decide the future course and scope of bilateral relations between the two Asian neighbours.

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