India’s Biggest Nightmare – Chinese, Pakistani Joint Naval Drill In Arabian Sea

Indian Defense expert PK Sehgal said that joint naval drill between the Chinese and Pakistan Navy in the Arabian Sea is a big challenge for the Government of India, reports the ANI.

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“The Indian Navy is much stronger than of Pakistan and can completely destroy them, but Pakistan Navy and Chinese Navy take action jointly, and this has been the first time where submarine has been deployed.

As EurAsian Times reported earlier, the sixth bilateral exercise between the Pakistan and Chinese naval forces – titled Sea Guardians 2020 –commencedon Monday in Karachi.

The exercises boasts the latest Chinese warships and fleet tanks. The joint naval drills are vital, especially for China, as it gains experience in conducting operations with Pakistan.

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“The Sea Guardians 2020 exercise assists in deepening security cooperation between the two militaries, advancing the China-Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, and promoting the maritime community with a shared future,” say military experts.

Ties between China and Pakistan have often been labelled as “all-weather friends”. China has gone out of the way in assisting Pakistan to develop nuclear warheads, ballistic missiles, fighter jets, naval vessels and other defence equipment to challenge the Indian might in the region.

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Through these joint drills, both China and Pakistan are attempting to showcase their capabilities, resources, military coordination’s in front of the world as Beijing and Islamabad subtly attempt to check the growing Indian influence.