Indians Are Coming To Bangladesh For Better Life: Bangladesh Foreign Minister

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen has said that Indian citizens are coming to Bangladesh for good economy and free food. Momen also said that relations between the two countries are better and stronger.

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Momen said, “People of India are coming to Bangladesh because our situation is very good. The condition of our economy is strong. Those coming here are getting jobs. The marginalized people get free food here.

Momen said that Indians who are living illegally in Bangladesh will be sent back. Bangladesh Foreign Minister was asked questions by journalists that Indians are entering Bangladesh.

Momen said, “Indians are attracted to Bangladesh for these reasons. Our economy is better than that of India. Indians are not getting jobs that is why they are coming to Bangladesh. 

Earlier, Momen said his country has requested India to provide a list of any Bangladesh nationals living illegally in the country and it will allow them to return.

Responding to a question on India’s National Register of Citizenship (NRC), Momen, who cancelled his visit to India citing his tight schedule, said Bangladesh-India relations are normal and “very sweet” and they will not be affected. He said India has termed the NRC process as its internal matter and assured Dhaka that it would not affect Bangladesh.

He rejected speculation of “pushback” attempts by India, saying some Indian nationals are illegally entering Bangladesh through middlemen due to economic reasons.

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“But if anybody other than our citizens enters Bangladesh, we will send them back,” he told media here when asked about reports that some people are illegally entering the country through borders with India.

Momen said Bangladesh has requested New Delhi to provide a list of Bangladeshis living illegally in India, “if any”, to be repatriated. “We will allow them (Bangladesh citizens) as they have the right to enter into their own country,” he said.