Indian Su-30MKI Jets Fail To Evade Kortik Anti-Aircraft Defence Systems

Indian and Russian Navy are conducting naval drills in the Indian Ocean where Su-30MKI fighter jets are also participating. Both navies are holding joint drills – Indra 2019, in the Indian Ocean.

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Russian guard hip Yaroslav Mudry and the Indian Navy’s frigate Tarkash are jointly training to counter potential threats as part of ongoing Indra 2019 drills. The navies repelled an attack by an enemy’s fighter jet and drones in the Indian Ocean, the Fleet’s press office reported on Wednesday.

“On the third day of the manoeuvres at sea, the Russian guard ship Yaroslav Mudry and the Indian frigate Tarkash held joint drills to repel a simulated enemy’s air attack employing on-board air defence artillery systems,” the press office said in a statement.

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Su-30MKI fighters of the Indian naval aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles simulated the enemy in the drills, the statement says. During the drills, the Yaroslav Mudry employed Kortik anti-aircraft missile/artillery launchers.

“During the drills, the teams of shipboard combat posts detected and tracked the targets while the air defence squads destroyed them (fictitiously) by the shipborne artillery when the air targets came within the striking range,” the press office reported.

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The Indra-2019 drills are running at training ranges of three Indian states. Russia is represented in the military exercise by over 700 servicemen, including units of the all-arms army of the Eastern Military District, pilots and technicians of the District’s Air Force and Air Defense Army, and also the crews of the Baltic Fleet warships.