Indian PM Modi Must Be Stopped Before Its Too Late – Imran Khan

Pakitan PM Imran Khan has urged the global community to step in to avoid any serious situation in South Asia as the Modi regime, as Islamabad calls it, is pursuing an ideology of hate in the region.

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Addressing a conference in Islamabad, PM Khan said India is committing atrocities against the people of Kashmir to make them submit to its illegal acts in Jammu and Kashmir. Khan said millions of people have been under siege in Jammu and Kashmir for over one hundred days.

The Pakistan PM stated that there is complete communication blockade in the valley and youth is being picked up by the Indian troops.

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Regarding Afghanistan, Khan said peace in that country is beneficial not only to Pakistan but for the whole region, especially the landlocked Central Asian Republics. He said Pakistan is playing its role for peace in Afghanistan as there is no military solution to this issue and it should resolve politically.

Imran Khan also mentioned that Pakistan is also making efforts to ensure that there is no conflict in the region for which it is also reaching out to Iranian and Saudi leadership for forging tranquillity among the brotherly Muslim countries.

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The Prime Minister said, besides making efforts to ensure peace in the region, we are also opening up our country for investors, tourists, and other activities.