Indian Opposition Leader Praises Pakistani Hospitality; Slams PM Modi For Demonising The Loving Country

An Indian opposition leader may have just triggered a mammoth controversy by heaping praises on Pakistan in his attempt to malign the Modi government. Sharad Pawar, the supremo of Nationalist Congress Party stated that the Modi government is spreading false propaganda against Pakistan only to reap political gains from it.

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Pakistan a nation with great hospitality: Sharad Pawar

Not only did he point fingers at the ruling party for creating political propaganda by targeting Pakistan but he also praised the neighbouring country for its sense of hospitality. He said that in India it is said that people in Pakistan are unhappy and subjected to injustice but that is not true.

He further added that he has been to Pakistan and has witnessed warm hospitality from the people of Pakistan and Indians are treated as relatives in Pakistan.

Abrogation of 370 will lead to more terror: NCP Chief

Sharad Pawar also hit out at the BJP on the Kashmir issue and termed the abrogation of Article 370 a move that will rather amplify terror in the valley. He said that this quashing of special status is a part of the government’s plan to oppose a minority state which will only make things worse.

These comments come in response to Indian defence minister’s recent statement about the atrocities being inflicted on minorities in Pakistan. Rajnath Singh also stated that Pakistan is bound to helplessly see another disintegration.

The tensions between the two nations are at the apex currently and these statements will have a great impetus into the future state of relations between the two Asian neighbours.