Indian Operated T-90 Tanks To Become Russian Army’s Main Battle Tank

Instead of the much-hyped Armata tanks, the upgraded version of T-90M tanks could become the main battle tank for the Russian Army, Uralvagonzavod Special Representative for Military and Technical Cooperation, Army General Alexei Maslov told the Russian News Agency – TASS.

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“We have already prepared the T-90MS [the export version] for a foreign customer and tested it and by the decision of Russia’s Defense Ministry, we have held R&D work, as a result of which we have developed a good T-90M.

And now, as far as I understand, the T-90M ‘Proryv’  will be the main battle tank in the army,” the general said as Russia was celebrating Land Forces Day on October 1.

By its combat efficiency, the T-90M considerably outperforms its predecessor while its modular design allows engineers to build up its operational performance upon subsequent upgrades, the general said. “The T-90M ensures parity with advanced foreign tanks,” the army general stressed.

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Uralvagonzavod defence manufacturer signed a contract with Russia’s Defense Ministry on the delivery of heavily upgraded T-90M tanks to the troops at the Army-2017 international arms show. As was reported earlier, the first several dozen upgraded tanks are due to arrive for the Russian troops in 2019.

The T-90M ‘Proryv’ has received a new turret that differs from the serial-produced module and a more powerful engine. The Proryv is equipped with a new multi-channel sighting system that enables employing weapons at any time of day or night and, as its major advantage, it can exchange data with other vehicles in real-time.

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The T-90M’s armour features special anti-slip coating similar to that used on the latest T-14 Armata tank.

India, a key-operated of T-90 tanks plans to have more than 1600 tanks in service before 2020 after acquiring licenses from Russia to produce the T90 tanks in India itself.

10 Indian built T90 Bhishma tanks were inducted into the defence forces on August 24, 2009. These tanks were manufactured at the Heavy Vehicles Factory in Tamil Nadu. As EurAsian Times reported earlier India is planning to have 20 regiments of the T90 Bhishma Tanks, to bolster its defence against Pakistan and China by 2020.