Indian Navy Upgrades Security Mechanism Through Acoustic Tank Test Facility

The Acoustic Tank Test Facility of the Bharat Dynamics Limited will upgrade defence capabilities of the Indian Navy. The facility will be a great boost for overall manufacturing of weapons as it gives an onsite facility for them to test.

The facility will be used for testing the acoustic systems of underwater weapons like Torpedos, Mines, Sonobuoys, Decoys, which are exclusively manufactured in the Vishakapatnam unit of BDL.

Present at the inauguration was the Secretary for Defence Production Dr Ajay Kumar who was apprised on the various other naval defence products being manufactured at this unit of the BDL.

“The acoustics systems of the underwater weapons are required to be tested and calibrated in water environment prior to their deployment in the actual sea waters,” the officials said. The new on-site test facility enhances the manufacturing capabilities manifold and opens up opportunities for handling multiple projects simultaneously,” noted officials.

The acoustic tank facility comes at a crucial time as BDL has been expanding its footprint globally by offering Torpedoes, Akash Weapon System, Anti-Tank Guided Missiles and Counter Measure Dispensing System to friendly foreign countries.

The Director, NSTL, Dr O R Nanda Gopan, BDL Director (Finance), S. Piramanayagam, Director (Technical), NP Diwakar, Executive Director were also present at the inauguration.