DRDO Develops High Range Anti-Submarine Rockets For Indian Navy

The subsidiaries of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) has developed High Range Anti-Submarine Rockets in the wake of increasing military challenges for the Indian Navy. These rockets have been developed by the Armament Research and Development Establishment along with the High Energy Materials Lab and will offer a maximum range of 8 kilometres.

Both these lab are subsidiaries of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The director of the Armament Research and Development Establishment stated that the rockets will soon be handed over to the Indian Navy for trials after meeting targets for quality.

The Indian Navy wanted rockets which offered a high range while engaging the enemy submarines and based on the requests the DRDO has developed the high range anti-submarine rockets which will be soon inducted into the Indian Navy. At present work is being done to perfect the quality requirements in line with the prescriptions made by the Indian Navy.

As of now, the Indian Navy uses the vintage Russian rocket, RGB-60 which offers a maximum range of 5.3 km. It is an unguided area weapon for engaging submarines and warships. The R-Class, Delhi Class and the Talwar Class ships of the Indian Navy are equipped with the RGB-60 rockets which are fired from the RBU 6000 rocket launcher.

While firing torpedos to hit the enemy targets may prove to a deliberate and costly attack, rockets are considered to be ‘urgent attack weapons’ by the defence personnel. Hence, the rockets are as crucial as the torpedos for any navy of the world. Rockets can be fired singly or in clusters to engage the enemy submarines and disrupt their movement.

India is facing increasing challenges in the Indian Ocean from the naval expansion of other nations. These high range rockets as described by the experts as being the need of the hour to bolster India’s capabilities to confront and eliminate threats.