Indian Nationals Also Funding Dams in Pakistan – Pak Media

Indian nationals have donated funds for construction of dams in Pakistan. Where cross-border fire and terrorism are the common activities on the border area, will the relation of two neighbouring countries inch closer with this move made by the Indian nationals living overseas? Will this effort relax tensions between India and Pakistan?

In what can be termed an effort to relax ties between India and Pakistan, Indian emigrants have contributed funds for building dams in Pakistan. Two Indian nationals, who supposedly work in the United Arab Emirates, donated the amount to Pakistani expats for depositing it to Supreme Court of Pakistan’s “Diamer Basha And Mohmand Dam Fund,” showed a video that went viral on Twitter.

The contribution of the foreign national came after Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, appealed to the Pakistanis living abroad to contribute to dams fund, ensuring the nation that he would protect the public money.

In his second address to the country, PM Khan said he has been receiving donations for the last two weeks on the rising crisis of water in the South Asian country. “I urge overseas Pakistanis to contribute to this fund. If every overseas Pakistani contributes to this we will be able to construct the dams and our reserves will also improve,” said the Prime Minister in a televised address to the country.

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