Indian Hotel Association Issues ‘Blanket Ban’ On Chinese Tourists

The Indian hotel industry group has issued a blanket ban on Chinese tourists as anti-China sentiment rises in India. This ban was preceded by restrictions on 59 Chinese mobile apps by the Indian government after a savagery border clash between soldiers of both nations. 

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“In view of the nefarious activities of China, it has been decided that no Chinese will be accommodated in Delhi’s hotels and guest houses from now onwards,” the Delhi Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association said in a statement in late June.

The group, which represents budget hotels offering approximately 75,000 rooms in New Delhi, also told its members to avoid furniture and kitchen accessories made in China.

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The India-China border clash has also encouraged boycotts of Chinese products in India which is set to impact the economy. This comes at a time when the hospitality sector is already reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have suffered for the past three months, and this will add to the blow,” said a worker at a Chinese restaurant housed in a Delhi hotel.

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India has yet to reopen international flights due to the pandemic, but “Chinese will stop travelling to India if their safety is not guaranteed,” said the employee.

The Confederation of All India Traders, representing 70 million traders, earlier called for a comprehensive boycott against Chinese products. Consumers are advised not to buy wearable ornaments or other products made in China for upcoming festivals.

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As EurAsian Times reported, earlier the Indian government also banned a total of 59 Chinese apps which include giants names like TicTok, ShareIt, UC Browser, Likee, WeChat, and Bigo Live. 

The Indian ministry called the Chinese-owned applications as “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of the state and public order.” The Indian Cyber Crime Coordinate Centre under the Ministry of Home Affairs sent an exhaustive recommendation for blocking these “malicious apps”. 

The ministry said that it has “received many complaints from various sources including several reports about the misuse of some mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms for stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside India.” 

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“The compilation of these data, its mining and profiling by elements hostile to national security and defence of India, which ultimately impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India, is a matter of very deep and immediate concern which requires emergency measures,” it continued.

Sha Jun, the executive partner at the India Investment Services Center of the Yingke Law Firm called New Delhi’s action was “too childish and emotional” and “it marks a very bad signal for further Chinese investment in India.”

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