Indian Elections 2019: Pick and Drop Facility For Disabled People

The Indian general elections are scheduled in 2019. India’s Election Commission has for the first time decided to provide free pick-up and drop facility to all disabled people across the country so that they can cast their votes.

The general elections are due early next year while some Indian states are to go to polls later this year. The Indian Election Commission recently issued an order to this effect to all Indian states and central government-controlled territories under which all disabled voters will be provided with government vehicles to go to polling stations from their homes and come back.

“There should be a proper transport facility for people with disabilities (PwDs) in each and every polling station on the day of poll. Government vehicles to be used for this purpose,” the order said, a copy of which was issued to the local media Thursday evening.

“Each and every PwD should be tagged polling station-wise and he/she should be picked up from his residence and dropped back there after he/she has cast their vote,” it added.

Government officials said Friday that the order came in the wake of Election Commission’s motto “No voter to be left behind” in any election. “The Election Commission wants maximum voter participation in all polls. This will also boost the morale of disabled voters,” the officials said.

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