Indian, Chinese Soldiers Exchanged ‘Heavy Fire’ During Clash Over Critical Heights Near Pangong Lake- Reports

As tension between India and China continues to escalate despite ‘peace talks’ between Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and his counterpart Wang Yi, new reports have emerged that claim that both troops exchanged heavy fire, according to  Indian Express.

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Indian Express citing a top government official said the firing incident took place during the struggle for dominating critical positions on the north bank of the Pangong lake.

According to the official, “100 to 200 shots” were fired in the air by both sides on the ridgeline where Finger 3 and Finger 4 merge before moving north as one ridge.


Earlier, Chines state media the Global Times stated that the Indian Army’s moves on border areas have eased these days, which coincided with Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s address. This is the result of strong pressure from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the GT claimed.

The PLA has been expanding its deployment in China-India border areas and taking resolute actions, which have formed an overwhelming momentum to demolish the Indian soldiers if an armed conflict breaks out. It has made the Indian army truly feel that involving in a military showdown with China is a gamble they simply cannot afford, GT claimed.

When China engages in diplomatic negotiations with India, it must also use the only language those forces could understand – cooperation will last long when it is achieved through struggles. Beijing should continue to strive for a peaceful pact of China-India border row but must keep its army prepared. Without strong military pressure, India won’t behave on border issues, the GT stated.