Indian Army Shoots Dead 2 Pakistani BAT Commandos Near the LoC

The Indian Army claims to have shot dead two BAT commandos of the Pakistan Army. Alert Indian Soldiers foiled a major attempt by the Pakistan BAT (Border Action Team) to strike a forward post along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir’s Naugam sector. According to reports in Indian media, two people likely to be Pakistan soldiers were killed.

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The intruders were assisted. They were backed by heavy fire from Pakistani posts, from high-calibre weapons like mortars and rocket launchers, the Indian Army said today. And they attempted to move by exploiting thick jungles close to the LoC.

There’s more. The Army said the intruders wore combat dresses like Pakistani regulars and carried stores with Pakistani markings. Some were seen in Indian Border Security Force (BSF) and old-pattern Indian Army dresses.

Search operations confirmed the elimination of “two likely Pakistan soldiers” and resulted in “the recovery of a large cache of warlike stores”. A few escaped across the LoC, “taking advantage of the Pakistani firing and adverse weather and visibility conditions”.

“Army authorities have applauded the courage and perseverance of the alert troops. The Indian Army’s resolve to keep a strict vigil along the LoC and defeat all such nefarious designs of Pakistan will continue to remain firm and consistent.”

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“From the recovery,” the Army said, “it was estimated that they intended to carry out a gruesome attack on the Indian Army forward post in Naugam sector.” “The alertness and resilience of the…troops, who engaged and neutralised the intruders…eliminated a likely treacherous attack on the Army forward posts along the Line of Control on the eve of [the] New Year.”

“We will ask Pakistan to take back the mortal remains of deceased likely Pakistani soldiers since Pakistan did provide full covering fire support to these intruders,” the Army said.

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