How can Indian Army Retaliate Against Pakistan for Aurangzeb Khan’s Murder?

The brutal murder of abducted Indian Army soldier, Aurangzeb Khan, and the assassination of Indian journalist Shujaat Bukhari have really strained India-Pakistan relations. The Pakistan BAT forces have severely bled the Indian Army and the border forces. There have been 1250 ceasefire violations by Pakistan this year and infiltrations from across the LOC are mounting. There has been immense pressure on the Indian government to retaliate, especially after killing of Indian BSF and Indian Army rifleman, Aurangzeb Khan. 

Indians soldiers are incessantly losing their lives in ceasefire violations and acts of terror by Pakistan across the LOC. Despite the honouring of the 2003 ceasefire pace between the two armies, 4 BSF men were martyred in ceasefire violations by Pakistan. Later, Kashmiri Militants abducted Indian Army soldier, Aurangzeb Khan and brutally murdered him, while returning home to celebrate Eid.

Indian Army Killed 138 Pakistani Soldiers in 2017

It is time India comes out of its ignorance and moves to raise the costs and consequences for the notorious neighbour. Can India teach Pakistan a lesson? Mobilising international support against Pakistan could be the key strategy for India. Here is what India can do to teach Pakistan a lesson. These include diplomatic and military actions to put Pakistan on the backfoot.

Revoke the MFN Status

India granted the MFN status to Pakistan in the year 1996. The Most Favored Nation status eases trade barriers between the two nations. However, Pakistan never reciprocated the same to India.  India must look to threaten Pakistan over the revocation of the MFN status. If India moves to revoke the MFN status granted to Pakistan then India can impose tariffs on Pakistan’s exports. Bargaining over the MFN status can build diplomatic pressure over Pakistan.

Frequent Surgical Strikes

Apparently just along the LoC on the other side exist terror launch pads being operated in POK. India claimed to have conducted surgical strikes on these launchpads in September 2016. Infiltration movement from POK into Kashmir looks big. India must take Pakistan by surprise by frequently conducted such cleansing operations to tame infiltration into Kashmir and confront Pakistan sponsored terror.

Bargain over the Indus Water Treaty

Pakistan is largely dependent on the 1960 Indus Water Treaty for its water supplies. By threatening Pakistan over the revision of the Indus Water Treaty, India can hold Pakistan by its neck and make it concede. If there would be no Indus Water Treaty then Pakistan could have a potential water crisis. This is India’s best bargain chip to make Pakistan mend its way. Will India use this trump card?

Mobilise International Support

This is something India has already been doing. India has been reaching out to the international forums with proofs against Pakistan. In the backdrop of everything else, India must continue to do so with the aim of bringing sanctions against Pakistan.

Its high time India wakes up. India must wake up before more soldiers attain martyrdom and more terrorists cross the LoC to perpetrate violence in Kashmir. The alarms are ringing, is India listening?

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