Indian Air Force To Get Advanced Version Of Israeli Spice-2000 Bombs Used In Balakot Air Strikes

The Indian Air Force will receive the ‘building blaster’ version of the Spice 2000 bombs by mid-September 2019. The spice 2000 bombs were used by the Indian Air Force to carry out airstrikes in Balakot to avenge the Pulwama attack by Pakistan sponsored terror outfits. The building blaster version of spice bombs will incredibly boost the firepower of the Indian Air Force while limiting the collateral damage.

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Israeli Spice-2000  Expected Mid-September

As aerial firepower has become a major factor to distinguish superpowers from others and this will take India one step closer to being a feared aerial superpower. Both India and France have signed a deal worth 300 crores for acquiring these weapons from Israel.

Indian Air Force Ready For Action; First Batch of Rafale Jets Expected Next Month

The spice bombs are scheduled to arrive from Israel soon along with Mark 84 warheads which can penetrate and demolish buildings completely. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi are expected to hold discussions over the spice bombs.

The penetrator version of the spice -2000 bombs were used in Balakot strikes by the Indian Air Force. These bombs made holes in the rooftop of the Jaish camp and exploded inside with a mix of around 80 kg explosives. This bomb has a stand-off range of 60 kilometres. The building blaster version that the Indian Air Force will now be procuring will have the capability to demolish an entire building and leave no chance for the enemies to escape.