Indian Air Force Gets Deadly Bunker Buster Spice Bombs From Israel

Amid escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, Israel has delivered the bunker buster version of Spice 2000 bombs to the Indian Air Force (IAF). These bombs will significantly increase the strike capabilities of the IAF and will give it both the deference and dominance it has always wanted over its notorious neighbours. The bunker-buster Spice 2000 bombs were delivered to the Indian Air Force at the Gwalior Air Base and are equipped with Mk.84 warheads.

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Remaining bombs to be delivered in the next three months

The Gwalior airbase which is the home to the Mirage 2000 fighters received the first batch of the Bunker Buster Spice 2000 bombs while the remaining quantity of bombs will be delivered to the IAF within the next three months.

Mirage 2000 fighters were used by the Indian Air Force for the Balakot strikes that penetrated deep in Pakistan controlled Kashmir to destroy what New Delhi termed as terror launchpad.

Indian Air Force To Get Advanced Version Of Israeli Spice-2000 Bombs Used In Balakot Air Strikes

How India described it was a non-military preemptive strike without directly stating that it was carried out to avenge the Pulwama attack. The penetrator version of spice bombs was used in the Balakot airstrikes which made holes in the concrete structure that was being targeted by the IAF.

The contract between Israel and the IAF for the procurement of over 100 bunker buster spice bombs was signed in the month of June and the estimated cost of the deal stands at USD 45 million. The deal was signed under the provisions of an emergency procurement deal.