Indian Air Defence System to Protect Delhi, Mumbai from China, Pakistan Attacks

India is working on an extensive air defence systems shield to make the airspace of its major cities impregnable. India has seen a great interest in procuring missiles, launchers, command and control units, etc from its defence allies Israel, Russia and the US. India will soon be buying a wide range of air defence systems from them in the wake of increasing threats from Pakistan. 

Seeing the enemies grow significantly in terms of air power, India now looks to seal the skies of all its major cities especially New Delhi and Mumbai. Besides installing foreign air defence systems in place, India will also put many indigenous missile shields to make the airspace impregnable.

China is considered a major threat to India as its air force has ramped up its strength significantly in recent times. To counter increasing defence capabilities from China, the Indian government is very determined to ensure that India’s defence mechanisms are at par with the enemy’s strength and capabilities.

India’s deal with Russia to procure the S-400 missile defence systems is in its final stage. This deal will cost India around INR 39,000 thousand crores which will ensure India’s defence mechanism is significantly enhanced. Indian cities are already believed to be protected by the Russian S-300 air defence system.

Besides this India has also signed a deal with the US to buy radars, drones, missiles and attack helicopters. The US will soon be selling 22 Guardian drones to India to bolster India’s military strength. This deal of 22 Guardian Drones will cost India around USD 2 billion. Also, it would for the first time that the US will be selling these drones to a nation which is not a part of the NATO alliance.

The official who informed about the government’s strategy to put such high-end missile defence systems in place stated that the aim is to make the skyline impregnable. India is now also a part of the elite group of nations which have a series of functional air defence system in place, including US and Russia.

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