India To Retire Its Last Squadron of MiG 27 Fighters After Procuring Rafale Jets

The Indian Air Force is all set to retire it’s aged fleet of MiG-27 fighter jets which were first delivered to India in 1984 by the Soviet Air Force. The Indian Air Force is thought to have procured around 210 MiG 27 fighters in all over these years.

The aircraft was indicted in the Soviet Air Force in 1975 and later Hindustan Aeronautics Limited began domestic production in the late 1980s.

MiG 27s of the IAF will make their last flight in December

The last remaining squadron of upgraded MiG 27s will fly for one last time at an official ceremony on December 27. The fighter jets will make their last flight from Jodhpur Air Base in Rajasthan. Earlier in 2017, two squadrons of MiG 27 jets were decommissioned at the Hashimara Air Base in Bengal in 2017.


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MiG 27 Fighter Jets During Kargil War

Having served the Indian Air Force for decades and assisting IAF’s outreach to glory, the MiG 27 aircraft has played a crucial role in India’s security and defence on multiple occasions. These fighter jets played a very crucial role in the Kargil War of 1999. This aircraft has worked as the backbone of IAF’s ground attack capabilities acting as a deterrent for India’s enemies.

India and Kazakhstan Are The Only Users of MiG 27s

These planes were capable of carrying an assortment of precision missiles, rockets and laser-guided bombs. After the IAF completes the decommissioning of MiG 27 jets, Kazakhstan will be the only country left with these aircraft in its inventory.

The remaining MiG 27s of the Indian Air Force belong to the scorpion squadron and their retirement will mark the end of an era that was di aired by these jets.