India To Face US Sanctions Over S-400 Deal With Russia: US State Dept

India-Russia deal over S-400 air defence systems is expected to be signed in October as per Russian officials. This deal will bolster India-Russia relations over security and defence but this deal could well invite US sanctions on India. Heather Nauret, the spokesperson of US State Department said during a briefing that any country purchasing the S-400 missile defence systems from Russia will be liable to sanctions from the US.

Sanctions Looming On Turkey Too

As EurAsian Times reported, Turkey is also procuring the S-400 missile defence systems from Moscow among other nations inclined towards the S-400s. Ankara and Moscow signed a loan agreement recently for the S-400 deal between Turkey and Russia. The Trump Administration had threatened Turkey with sanctions if it decides to go ahead with the deal.

The US state department stated that the purchase of the S-400 air defence missile systems could invite sanctions for any country. US stands against the procurement of the Russian S-400 air defence missile systems by its allies around the globe. The US state department did not mention India while warning about sanctions against the purchase but it is apparent that this threat is also applicable to India.

The US also offered its THAAD missile defence systems to India as an alternative for the S-400 defence systems. But India does not want to hamper the strong military cooperation between India and Russia and hence India made it clear that it will go ahead with the INR 39000 crores deal with Moscow.

The S-400 air defence systems will add a great line of defence to India’s military might as they can eliminate targets up to the range of even 400 kilometres. Now it remains to be seen if India gets a waiver from the US on the purchase of the S-400 missile defence systems or not.

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