Russia Inks Defence Pact with Pakistan in Response to India-US Treaties

In what could come as a big set back to India-Russia relations, Russia signed a strategic military accord with India’s arch-rival Pakistan. The security training agreement between Russia and Pakistan was signed on Tuesday after the summing up of Russia-Pakistan Joint Military Consultative Committee’s meeting. This pact will for the first time allow Pakistan’s army officers to train with the Russian military. 

Pakistani Officers Will Now Train At Russian Institutes

This strategic military accord between Islamabad and Moscow comes at a time when the US has suspended all ties with Pakistan. After this contract, the service members of Pakistan will be admitted to the Russian Federation’s training institutes. Russia seems to be taking the leverage of the void between Islamabad and Washington and is stepping up to take the place which traditionally the US has relished.

The talks were held in Rawalpindi, Pakistan which happens to be army headquarters of Pakistan. The Russian delegation was led by the Deputy Minister of Defence, Colonel General Alexander Fomin. In-depth deliberations over the future course of military cooperation between the two were mulled upon as per sources. Pakistan will see Imran Khan taking up the Prime Minister’s office on August 14 and he has shown great intent to work with Beijing and Moscow.

Russia and Pakistan signed the defence cooperation deal in the year 2014. Since then the security and military ties between the two have strengthened and ties continue to prosper. Since 2014 both Russia and Pakistan have held a number of joint military drills and counterterrorism exercises on each other’s land. This could well be a matter of concern for New Delhi as Delhi has always seen Moscow as a close ally in terms of military, security and diplomatic cooperation.

But for the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, the revival of the economy which is currently in shambles will be the greatest litmus test.

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