India Proves It Is The Most Pro-Israel Country In The World

Relations between India and Israel are very robust and India continues to be the biggest buyer of Israeli military equipment. India is considered one of the most pro-Israel nations in the world and recent tweets only supported the claims.

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According to Jpost, After a day of rocket attacks from Gaza, the top three hashtags trending on Twitter in India were #IsraelUnderFire, #IsraelUnderAttack and #IndiaWithIsrael.

Throughout the day, people across the world posted on social media about the mounting tensions between Israel and Gaza.

However, Israel-related hashtags were mainly trending within Israel. India was the only exception and its hashtags about the rocket barrage from Gaza remained trending long after Israeli Twitter began focusing on other things.

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Indian politician, Kapil Mishra, tweeted “Time to stand strongly with Israel #IsraelUnderFire.” “Israel is under attack by terrorists from Gaza. India is with Israel. #IsraelUnderFire,” Prashant Patel Umrao, an Advocate at the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court, tweeted.

Both Mishra and Umrao received appreciation from Israel’s Deputy Chief of Mission in New Delhi, India Maya Kadosh, who retweeted their posts and thanked them. Kadosh, who started a list of Indian Twitter accounts that talk about Israel, also tweeted about the situation in Israel.

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The two countries have enjoyed good diplomatic relations and in August 2019, Indian and Israeli officials traded tweets in honour of Friendship Day.  “Happy #FriendshipDay2019 India!” The Israeli Embassy in India wrote on Twitter. “May our ever-strengthening friendship & #growingpartnership touch greater heights.”

Indian PM Narendra Modi replied to the message, writing in Hebrew, “Thank you. I wish a happy Friendship Day to the wonderful citizens of Israel and to my friend [Benjamin Netanyahu].”

Israeli PMBenjamin Netanyahu, who has a close association with Modi, also joined in on the friendship tweets and responded to the Indian prime minister.

“Thank you, my friend, India PM @narendramodi,” Netanyahu responded. “I could not agree with you more.”