Major Spat Between India, Pakistan over Free Balochistan Office in Delhi

Why is Islamabad office upset over Free Balochistan Office in Delhi? The India-Pakistan rivalry has been a traditional one with both accusing each other of meddling in their respective internal affairs. The reports of the establishment of an office of the ‘Free Balochistan Movement’ in New Delhi has triggered a major spat between the two nations yet again.

Free Balochistan Office – Delhi

Responding to the reports of the opening of the Free Balochistan office in New Delhi, Pakistan slammed India. The Foreign Office of Pakistan stated that India’s interference in Pakistan was an established fact and reflects India’s arrogance. The Foreign Office further slammed India and stated that India needs to act as a responsible member of the international community and refrain from such actions.

The Free Balochistan Movement which is a movement of the pro-Balochistan activists is considered to be seditious by Islamabad. Reports of New Delhi being a home to one of the offices of the movement has left Pakistan infuriated.

The spokesperson of the Foreign Office, Dr Muhammad Faisal also talked about the Kulbushan Jadhav case. He said that his case was an evidence of India’s terrorism and espionage and that Pakistan’s case in the ICJ is very strong as Jadhav was arrested on Pakistani soil. He said that India’s actions threaten regional peace and stability and are against inter-state norms.

UN Report on Kashmir Pakistan’s Biggest Success: Foreign Office

The spokesperson of the Foreign Office also talked about the recently published report of the UN on Kashmir. He said that UN Secretary General’s endorsement of the report submitted by Human Rights Commission is Pakistan’s biggest success in the Kashmir domain in 70 years. The report cited large-scale human rights violations in Kashmir by Indian forces and asked India to respect the right to self-determination of the Kashmiris. The Indian government had dismissed the report and said that it was motivated and malicious.

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