India Looks To Deploy 5000 Russian-Made Missiles Near The Pakistan Border?

India and Russia are aiming to seal a multi-billion-dollar deal for Igla-S man-portable air defence missile system (MANPADS). Russia’s IGLA-S system was chosen as the lowest bidder for India’s short-range air defence missile system (VSHORADS) programme.

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The Indian Army has an immediate requirement for 800 launchers and over 5,000 missiles. The deal ran into trouble as two other competitors – SAAB of Sweden and the European firm MBDA – officially registered complaints against the trials that gave the Russians an edge.

The Igla-S man-portable air defence missiles are meant to counter low-flying aircraft as the last line of defence against flying objects in a multi-layered air defence system.

The Igla-S man-portable air defence missile system (MANPADS) is designed to engage all types of visually observable aircraft and helicopters as well as pinpoint air targets like cruise missiles and UAVs, both head-on and receding, at any time of day, against background clutter and decoy flares (jamming).

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The Igla-S is a new generation advanced version of the Igla MANPADS. By its combat effectiveness, it exceeds the Igla from 2 to 5 times, especially when firing at cruise missiles and pinpoint targets. The Igla-S system comprises combat equipment, including the 9M342 missile and the 9P522 launching mechanism; maintenance equipment, including the 9V866-2 mobile test station and the 9F719-2 test set; training facilities; night firing devices.