India Issued ‘Fake Terror Warnings’ To Dissuade Sri Lankan Cricket Team To Play In Pakistan – Reports

A prominent Pakistani media outlet has blamed the Indian intelligence agencies for spreading ‘Fake Terror Warning’  to dissuade the Sri-Lankan cricket team to visit Pakistan.

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A report by Pakistani Express Tribune claims that  – In September, just days before Pakistan was all set to host Sri Lankan cricket team, ending a long drought of international cricket in the country, a terror threat alert issued by the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Office put the tour in jeopardy.

The Sri Lankan Cricket authorities had decided to re-analyze the security situation after receiving notifications from the PM Office that the visitors could be again targeted by terrorists in Pakistan.

The news had sent alarm bells ringing in Pakistan, which made foolproof security arrangements for the Sri Lankan cricket team, writes the Express Tribune.

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The visit of the Sri Lankan team eventually went ahead (with almost all top players giving the tour a skip) after it emerged that it was India, which used the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Office to issue ‘fake terror alert’ in order to sabotage the visit of Sri Lankan cricket team, claims the report.

The report also states that Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is considered close to India and even in 2016 he opted to side with New Delhi for boycotting the South Asian Association for Regional Countries (SAARC) to be hosted by Pakistan.

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“He (Ranil Wickremesinghe) is so close to India that his attitude towards Pakistan remained cold-shouldered,” said a Foreign Office official while requesting anonymity.

The report further states that – Given India’s influence over the current ruling party, New Delhi desperately wanted to see the victory of Sajith Premadasa, a candidate of Wickremesinghe’s United National Party (UNP) and Pakistan was hoping for the victory of Gotabaya Rajapaksa. But Sunday’s election saw the victory of Gotabaya Rajapaksa defeating his rival Premadasa with a comfortable margin.

“Had Premadasa won the election, it would have been a disaster for Pakistan,” the official added. Premadasa was not only backed by India but also by Western players that wanted Sri Lanka to stay away from the Chinese camp.

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Although Indian PM Narendra Modi was prompt in wishing Gotabaya Rajapaksa over his victory in Sri Lanka Presidential elections, in reality, India would have been ‘mourning,’ the official remarked.

The reason is that Indian intelligence agency RAW, the US and some European countries were believed to have directly influenced the 2015 elections that resulted in the defeat of Mahinda Rajapaksa because of his pro-China policies. Therefore, New Delhi doesn’t have good relations with the Rajapaksa family.